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first_thing's Journal

First Thing In The Morning
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There are thousands of communities for pictures of you looking beautiful. Or your pet, husband, girlfriend etc.

This is different. This is for pictures of you first thing in the morning, before you've applied your make up, before your butler has brought you breakfast in bed, before an invigorating shower... This is you, literally first thing. Within seconds of your head rising from the pillow. This is you, honestly, the real you underneath the make up.

All you need to do is post a picture of yourself, first thing in the morning (behind a cut if you're not feeling brave, you can friends lock it if you're feeling nervous, but I don't want anyone to judge). You'll feel a lot better for it, having shared your *true* side, and we promise not to laugh - let's face it, none of us look our best at that time of the day!

PS: This isn't intended to be a "rude" community (apparently there are some of those on teh interweb!), just a place to share your "true" self without worrying about people judging you.

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