Busto -From Despair to Where? Mornington Crescent! (thebustocrookes) wrote in first_thing,
Busto -From Despair to Where? Mornington Crescent!

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(this was four days of growth, after which I was forced to shave it off)
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I think you're really working the goatee look. You look a bit like one of the three muskateers.

Loving the shower curtain:-)
Moments after this picture was taken Mrs Busto insisted that I shaved it off, and burned all pictures, the camera and the bathroom to distroy all trace of the 'tache...

...thankfully I saved the shower curtain though - it's educational when you're sitting on the toilet :-)
ooOOOooo errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

though I did notice the chin fluff last Saturday, ;)
I lied as you can see... I can now see it!! doh...
Still ain't seen your morning fizzog on here, Miss Shullie... :P


10 years ago


10 years ago

Still ain't seen your morning fizzog on here, Miss Shullie... :P


10 years ago

I didn't realise how orange my skin was until I saw that picture, you'd think I was Posh Spice's brother or something :-)

Nice hair btw
Have I told you the story of my Dad and his 'tache? Well I'll tell it again just in case.

My Mum hated his 'tache and he had had it (I think) all of their married life. She regularly complained about it. One day he decided to remove it (after perhaps nearly 20 years of marriage). I was told not to mention anything and see how long it took Ma to notice it was gone. IT TOOK DAYS for her to spot it was missing! Ha Ha! How we laughed.

No, you'd not told me that story, fantastic though!

I hate shaving the skin around the 'tache area, but I look like such an idiot *with* one that I almost always shave it straight of (this week was a one off, after an LJ conversation about 'taches)
Lou shaved his off and his beard and he looke about 14...!! we couldn't go out together as people thought I was his mum!!! ( and I would have been arrested... though I found it hard to kiss him too when he didn't have one urhahhhhhhhpphhtttt)
Hang on a minute... ain't that Derren Brown? :P

Is it time for a new round of pics?

The more pics the better, although not everyone can grew 'taches, so feel free to come up with your own "difference" to your first picture I guess :-)
Mmmm... I'm certainly not growing a 'tache but I'll think of something. :-)
Will have another go at pimping it, see if we can get some more unsuspecting fools... I mean "members" :-)
I had caterpiller eyebrows!!